My name is Carla Archibald and I am a PhD student from the School of Earth and Environmental Science at the University of Queensland. My main research interests fall into three buckets, 1) understanding policy or intervention adoption, 2) the importance of private land conservation (at this stage conservation covenants), and 3) conservation technology (anything to do with media and the internet, primarily big data and the novel methods that are associated with it). The ultimate research projects in my eyes, that I get super nerdy about, are when I get to incorporate multiple of these spheres.

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Carla Archibald

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      1. No problem Carla! I’d like to know what you do, what do you study/what have you studied and why do you want to become a biologist? Maybe we compare ideas and learn new things 😌


  1. Hey Tolga, I am currently a PhD student in conservation science and my background is in avian ecology and conservation research. I am interested in complex conservation problems that span ecological and social landscapes. Conservation science and biology is a broad field which draws on many types of sciences and humanities to solve problems, so my advice would be to study what you are interested in and then adapt your knowledge to problems you are working on.

    In my experience within the industry companies/universities/NGO’s love to hire people that have skills other than just biology e.g. sociology, maths, statistics, political science etc.

    Hope that helps!

    – Carla


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